Seven residences within less than a mile from each other in Bartow County fell victim to a car-hopping spree that occurred between the overnight hours of March 14th and 15th. Police use the term car-hopping to describe when persons “hop” from car to car looking for unlocked cars by pulling on door handles, entering the car, stealing whatever looks important, and moving onto the next car.

A complainant advised her vehicle was entered into at her residence on Alex Drive in Cartersville, but nothing was taken. She advised her car was unlocked. A next door neighbor stated her doors were locked and someone caused damage to a door trying to enter into it. Nothing was stolen out of that one.

Three complainants advised that their vehicles were entered into at their residences on Idlewood Drive in Cartersville. Two tablet computers and a checkbook were stolen out of one of them. Nothing was missing from the other two vehicles. All three vehicles had been left unlocked.

A complainant stated that someone stole his red Chevy pickup truck out of his driveway on Wexford Circle. He stated that he may have left his keys in the vehicle. An adjacent neighbor advised that his vehicle at his residence was entered into. An iPod was stolen. The doors were believed to have been left unlocked.

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