Rebekah Bundrum

A 15-year-old girl who left a Baldwin County diversion center without permission on March 16 has been located in Cartersville and is now reportedly with family members.

Atmore News reports that Deanna Simpson said that her niece, Rebekah Bundrum, called relatives around 4:00 Tuesday afternoon when the news of her disappearance spread across the state.

Simpson said the 15-year-old made it to Cartersville before deciding to give up her short dance with freedom.

Rebekah was housed at Pathway of Baldwin County by order of a Baldwin County juvenile court judge. Pathway is a place that provides treatment for adjudicated youth ages 10-18.

She and another 15-year-old girl left the diversion center together. Simpson said she understood that another girl was with Rebekah when someone found her in Cartersville. However, she was unsure if it was the one with whom she left Pathway.