This post will contain all of the numbers as we collect them throughout the evening for midterm elections 2022. The post will be updated with a new time-stamp each time we get more votes counted. Just refresh this page on your browser and if the time does not change in the title, then you have the most recent numbers. Keep in mind, our numbers are unofficial. Only the Elections Supervisor for Bartow County can certify the final numbers before sending them to the Georgia Secretary of State.

*If you are viewing these results on a smart phone, you may have to look at it in landscape mode.

For United States Senate Votes %’age
Herschel Junior Walker [R] 29335 73.8%
Raphael Warnock [D] i 9337 23.5%
Chase Oliver [L} 1053 2.7%
For Governor Votes %’age
Brian Kemp [R] i 31501 78.8%
Stacey Abrams [D] 8126 16.8%
Shane Hazel [L] 332 0.8%
For Commissioner of Labor Votes %’age
Bruce Thompson [R] 30253 76.6%
William “Will” Boddie, Jr. [D] 8040 20.4%
Emily Anderson [L] 1200 3.0%
For U.S. House of Representatives – Dist 11 Votes %’age
Barry Loundermilk [R] i 31394 79.2%
Antonio Daza  [D] 8244 20.8%
For State Senate – Dist 37 Votes %’age
Ed Setzler [R] 2936 78.1%
Vanessa Parker [D] 824 21.9%
City of White – At Large Council Seat Votes %’age
Kim Dupree Billue 116 60.4%
Roy M. Lee 76 39.6%
Bartow County Distilled Spirits Votes %’age
Yes 29265 75.9%
No 9312 24.1%
Bartow County Senior Tax Exemption Votes %’age
Yes 28383 91.6%
No 2607 8.4%