Dispatch sent a Bartow County deputy to a residence on Smiley Ingram Road near Cartersville at 4:53 Saturday afternoon about a gunshot wound. Upon the deputy’s arrival, the victim agreed to let a neighbor take him to Cartersville Medical Center for treatment. At Cartersville Medical Center, the victim told the deputy that a suspect shot him in the foot.

The victim said he was talking to the suspect about automobile parts while standing on the porch of a residence on Center Road at around 4:30 when the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him in the right foot.

He stated that no argument or disagreement lead up to the incident. The victim even said that there has never been any dispute between the two. He also stated that there was no alcohol involved, and the shooting was unprovoked.

The victim said he then walked approximately 150 to 200 yards to his neighbor’s house on Smiley Ingram Road before the 911 call.

The deputy noted the victim received a gunshot wound that passed entirely through the right foot above the second toe. The deputy also observed the victim’s boot’s entry point but could not tell if there was an exit hole.

The victim stated that he wanted to press charges. The case is under investigation.