Kristopher Nicholas Ezzell

We have an update of a story we reported on WBHF yesterday. A complainant stated that Kristopher Nicholas Ezzell was highly intoxicated when talking to a driver in a residential driveway on Hopkins Road in Adairsville on December 25th. When the driver tried to leave, he told Ezzell to watch out so he didn’t get run over and Ezzell punched him in the mouth.

Ezzell eventually drove away himself, struck a mailbox on Wesley Road, crashed on Snow Springs Road just south of Sam Sutton Road, and fled on foot. An Adairsville Police officer found Ezzell hiding in a wood line near the crash scene and detained him.

While sitting in a Georgia State Patrol vehicle, he said someone else was driving his vehicle and that another vehicle struck his vehicle and made his vehicle leave the roadway. Two witnesses were brought to Ezzell and identified him as the driver. Ezzell was then informed that he was under arrest for DUI and numerous other charges.

A trooper was taking him to the scene of the mailbox strike on Wesley Road when he told the trooper at the intersection of Old Highway 140 at State Route 140 that he was going to vomit and was too hot. The trooper pulled over to let Ezzell vomit, and took him out of handcuffs so he could remove his heavy jacket.

Ezzell threw the jacket into the trooper’s face and fled on foot. After a foot chase that went around a house and into a wood line with two failed attempts at a tazing, the trooper was able to arrest Ezzell.

Ezzell ultimately received a total of 14 charges.