Press Release:

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (June 4, 2019) – After 29 years in education, South Central Middle School Principal Tia Windsor, tearfully says goodbye to her ‘second family.’
“They saved the best for last,” Windsor’s colleagues echoed as they gave her a standing ovation last Thursday at her retirement reception.
Windsor is officially the last Chieftain to lead a tribe at SCMS. A recently appointed committee renamed the school ‘Red Top Middle’ to better represent and preserve the history of the area.
“I’m not sure there ever is a ‘right’ time to make such a life change,” says Windsor. “I just know that I am excited to be the last principal of South Central Middle School, and I felt like that was a good way to end my teaching career.”
Windsor spent the last 18 years of her teaching career at SCMS, serving as a teacher, assistant principal, and finally principal.
“I came home from school on my first day of first-grade and told my mom I wanted to be a teacher,” says Windsor. “At that time, I started ‘teaching’ my dolls, stuffed animals, and little sisters. After that, I was a peer tutor, Sunday School teacher, and teaching assistant all through middle and high school. I think I have always been an educator!”
On July 31, Windsor will trade in her name badge for a book and maybe a beautiful beach. “I love to read, so I will be looking for some good books,” adds Windsor. “I also love to travel, and now I will have the time.” Windsor will not be traveling far, however, as she is already signed up for the Read to Grow program where she will read to a smaller tribe of first-grade students starting next fall.