Brent Thomas Pettit

Bartow County deputies were dispatched to Budgetel Inn on Carson Loop in Cartersville on Saturday night in reference to a possible sexual offense. A complainant said her 12-year-old daughter had told her a man in room 148 tried to get her to come into his room for a drink.

The victim pointed out Brent Thomas Pettit of Cartersville in the parking lot. He was detained due to him being a known sexually violent predator.

While meeting with the victim’s mother, a deputy was told that when the victim denied Pettit’s offer of going into his room, he allegedly reached out as if he was going to grab her by her upper arm. She ran back into her room.

A witness saw the incident. The witness also said she noticed a different young girl inside Pettit’s room earlier that day, who looked no older than 16.

The deputy then charged Pettit for enticing a child for indecent purposes. A deputy with the sex offender unit informed the arresting deputy that Pettit should not be in contact with children and certainly not be attempting to bring them into his room. Brent Pettit was also charged with violation of probation.