During the week of October 25th through November 1st, Bartow County Sheriff’s Deputies, with assistance from the Cherokee Judicial Circuit Department of Community Supervision Officers, participated in Operation Watchful Eye IV.

This is the statewide initiative to conduct residence verifications and compliance checks on all registered sex offenders living within each county.

When the operation began, there were 246 sex offenders registered in Bartow County. Included in that number were eleven sexually dangerous predators and four homeless offenders.

Residence verifications and compliance checks were attempted on each of the 246 registered offenders as well as one offender who moved and registered in Bartow County during the week of the operation. There were 208 successful residence verifications during Operation Watchful Eye IV.

Those offenders not seen were because they were at work and/or in counseling during the hours when the attempts were made. Contact has since been made with the offenders not seen during Operation Watchful Eye IV.

All sex offenders registered in Bartow County were found to be compliant with Georgia sex offender statues. Two offenders were arrested for outstanding probation violations.