Press Release:

On Sunday, Bartow County Fire Department had a house fire at 120 West Howard Street in Kingston. A 5-year-old boy (Noah Woods) woke up to find the bedroom that he and his sister share on fire. The only way out was to exit through a window. Noah escaped through the window and pulled his 2-year-old sister out as well. He and his sister suffered minor injuries. Noah then alerted the other family members who all escaped with only minor smoke inhalation. I spoke with his father this morning and he is credited with saving himself and 7 other family members by his quick actions. 5 total (2 adults and  3 children) were transported to Well Star Cobb Hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation. All are doing well. The community in Kingston is working to get clothes and other items for the family. 

We will be hosting an event on Friday at 10 a.m. at BCFD Headquarters to recognize Noah as an Honorary Firefighter and present him with a Lifesaving Award.