Angela Jane Deboard


Adairsville Police stopped 44-year-old Angela Jane Deboard of Adairsville on State Route 140 at the I-75 bridge on Tuesday night after being shot in a gunfight at her ex-husband’s house on Nally Road near Rydal.

The ex-husband and his girlfriend stated they heard someone banging on a window. The man reportedly grabbed his pistol, went to the front door, and yelled whose there multiple times.

He said he walked onto the front porch and then started hearing banging on his garage door. That is when Deboard announced herself and demanded to go inside. The girlfriend then reportedly confronted Deboard, telling her to leave.

That is when Deboard allegedly said she had a key and started shooting. A gunfight ensued, and the girlfriend ran in, grabbed two kids, and hid them in a closet until law enforcement arrived.

The only one reportedly hit was Deboard on the right side of her chest. Metro EMS took her to a hospital, where doctors treated her and had Bartow County deputies arrest her.

The initial investigation documented 17 gunshots throughout the property.

The man said they divorced three years ago, and he was about to get full custody of their children.

The BCSO charged Angela Deboard with aggravated assault involving a firearm, two counts of cruelty to children in the third degree, and home invasion in the first degree.