The Bartow County Fire Department is unsure of what time the fire started, but they did receive a call early Tuesday morning concerning a fire in Bartow County that was threatening communities in the area. The Cobb County Fire Department was already on the scene protecting structures from the fire that started on the Core Engineering property of Bartow County. Bartow County Battalion Chief Sandy Turner estimated that four to five acres were lost overnight, but the total could be lower after the wildland team mops up the fire and inspects the area this morning. All active flames are out, leaving just smoldering stumps in the area. Georgia Forestry is currently on the scene and residences are no longer being threatened by the fire.

In a separate story, the area of Bartow County and Northwest Georgia has been getting calls for smoke in the area recently. Once again, the smoke that the area is experiencing is from the many large wildfires burning north of us. The entire county was covered with heavy smoke yesterday. It is asked that if you see an active fire or columns of smoke from a specific area that you call 9-1-1, but be aware that the smoke is wide spread across the area at this time.