Rome – July – Georgia Highlands College is now offering a payment plan model that can break down a student’s tuition balance into affordable monthly payments, enabling a student who otherwise could not fully pay upfront to pay month by month.

“This is the first time GHC has offered a payment plan,” GHC Bursar Stephanie Loveless said.

The idea, she explained, is to give students more options on how they can pay for their tuition, and to introduce a flexible, no-interest payment plan.

“It’s an affordable option for students to pay for college,” she said. “The payment plan is a great alternative for students who do not wish to accumulate debt through student loans or those who do not have sufficient financial aid to cover their full balance.”

Loveless stated that once students are accepted, they can set up their payment plan by either having direct automatic bank withdrawals or by paying with their debit/credit card on the 5th of each month.

An enrollment fee and a down payment are required at a rate that depends on the number of payments the student wishes to make. For example, there is no down payment if a student wants to have 4 payments over 4 months, but there is a 50% down payment required if the student would like to have only 2 payments over two months.

August 1st is the deadline to enroll for classes for the 2015 fall semester.

For a full breakdown of payment options or to apply, please visit: