Rome – April – In order to keep up with the demand for more flexible degree options, Georgia Highlands College is now offering degrees in 11 fully online obtainable areas of study.

“For years, Georgia Highlands has provided online courses that transfer easily,” Dean of eLearning Diane Langston said. “Now students can get whole programs, too.”

GHC now offers a full online associate degree in the following areas of study: Business, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Foreign Language, General Studies, History, Political Science and Teacher Education: Middle Grades.

These nine areas of study join the recently added fully online bachelor’s degree in nursing or dental hygiene.

“Students need options as they pursue higher education,” Langston said, “and online programs can make the dream of obtaining a degree a reality for some. We believe that our student service, quality of instruction and multiple modes of delivery (web-based, eCore, hybrid) make us a great choice.”

Whether a student has a family, is holding down a full-time job or just needs a more convenient class schedule, Vice President for Academic Affairs Renva Watterson said that it has been GHC’s goal to provide students with as much flexibility as possible to attain a college degree.

“It makes perfect sense that students who lead complicated lives, with tremendous personal and professional demands, need every opportunity to fit college studies into their career objectives,” she said. “Through our high-quality, low-cost degrees that are fully online, the dream of getting a college diploma can be a reality.”

Watterson added that even though GHC’s new online classes are not what would be considered a traditional format, all of the students who enroll online will have the same benefits, opportunities, facilities and aid as every other student.

“Student services like tutoring, testing, faculty advising and responsiveness are standards, regardless of the course delivery system,” she said. “This means that an online class offers the same personalized attention for students as the face-to-face, on-campus class.”

More information on Georgia Highlands College’s eLearning program can be found on GHC’s website at: