Here are the numbers we have thus far. Keep in mind, our numbers are not official, only a manual counting from each of the polling locations. We are grateful, as always, for the support and cooperation from the Bartow County Elections Office and Supervisor Joseph Kirk. Only the Election Supervisor can validate the final numbers and transmit them to the Secretary of State’s Office for certification.

Sheriff of Bartow County (Republican) Votes %’age
Corey S Lawrence 2502 31.7%
Clark Millsap (I) 5385 68.3%

Bartow County School Board – District 5 Votes %’age
James D Satterfield 522 41.4%
Sharon Nelson Viktora 738 58.6%

Clerk of Court Votes %’age
Josh Biddy 4250 55.9%
Milena Herring 3353 44.1%

Bartow County Homestead Exemption increase Votes %’age
Yes 8369 88.7%
No 1063 11.3%

County School District – Homestead Exemption Votes %’age
Yes 6311 85.4%
No 1075 14.6%