One agenda item that was heard during the Euharlee Planning and Zoning Commission was potential updates to the city’s alcohol ordinances. At first it appeared that this discussion was going to be centered around the fact that the last time that the ordinance was updated was in 2010.

However, during the public comments portion of the meeting representatives of a rumored beer garden were present and stated that they would propose a beer garden if the ordinance changed. They did state that the plans are fluid at the moment because the cities current alcohol ordinances which would not allow a beer garden, but that they would try and mimic a dam food truck. They continued and said a beer garden would keep money in the city instead of it going elsewhere like Cartersville or Rome. The proposed location for this beer garden would be at the old museum and be leased from the city.

The commission had multiple questions for these representatives including how they would set it up, how they would regulate it and various state laws that may impact it. Along with questions from the commission some citizens spoke in opposition of the matter saying that it could open the doors for bars to pop up all over the city.

The commission ultimately decided that it would be best to table the review of the alcohol ordinances until they could be further reviewed. It also seemed that a joint meeting between the commission and the city council was on the table to move forward with any updates to the city’s alcohol ordinances.

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