Implementation of an automated traffic enforcement safety device program to be put in place to increase children’s safety.

(Euharlee, GA, DATE) – The Euharlee Police Department will begin an Automated Traffic Enforcement Speed Device program at two schools throughout the county to increase safety for students, parents, teachers, and anyone else traveling through the school zones.

As a part of the program, speed studies were conducted across the county during school hours for a five-day period to see how many vehicles were speeding through the school zones. During the most recent study, over a 5-day period, the two school zones had a combined total of 3,235 speeding vehicles. Speeding vehicles are defined as any vehicle speeding in excess of 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

The Photo Speed Enforcement System combines a public information campaign along with a 30-day warning period to encourage people to slow down and change their driving habits. In school zones, there are flashing lights and posted speed limits. Additional road signs will show a vehicle’s speed and give advance warning of the upcoming school zone. Cameras will be used to identify any vehicles traveling over the approved speed limit. Anyone in the designated school zone driving 11 mph or more over the posted speed limit will receive a citation in the mail. This means that if the flashing light speed limit is 25 mph, you will be given a ticket at 36 mph. Once the lights turn off, the speed limit may rise to 45 mph, and you would be ticketed at 56 mph. Speed limits are posted within the school zone.

November 1st will start the initial 30-day warning period. During this 30-day warning period, violators will receive a warning in the mail that carries no fine. After the warning period has expired, violators will receive a citation in the mail. The fine will be $75 (+$25 processing fee) for the first offense and $100 (+$25 processing fee) for each subsequent offense. This violation is a civil violation and is not considered a traffic violation. You will not receive points on your driver’s license, and it will not be reported to your insurance. The automated speed zone will be enforced on school days starting one hour before school starts until one hour after the end of the school day. Even when lights are not flashing, the regular posted speed limit will be photo enforced when school is in session.

The 30-day warning period will run from November 1st through November 30, 2021. Due to December being an important month when families are trying to save money for the holiday season, Euharlee Police Department has opted not to issue citations or warnings during the month of December. Enforcement will begin on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 when the children return to school after the holidays. School zones included will be Euharlee Elementary and Woodland Middle School. We’re committed to safeguarding our kids with this innovative initiative. Please drive safely in our school zones and in our community.

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