Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or more commonly known as MADD announced during the recent Euharlee City Council work session that Euharlee police department officer Andy Page was recognized as the organizations officer of the month for January.

MADD’s announcement of officer Pages award states that he is a Georgia Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and through his dedicated efforts made 39 successful DUI cases in 2021, and 33 in 2022. Officer Page not only uses his expert training and abilities to get unsafe drivers off the road but has become the first Euharlee Officer to be certified as a law enforcement Phlebotomist. He works with his K-9 partner, Baloo, and not only have they removed impaired drivers from Georgia’s roads but have also seized significant amounts of drugs that never made it into the hands of our community.

Officer Page has also dedicated his time on 2 occasions in 2022 to visit schools and discuss the dangers of drugs and alcohol with children.  He has made outstanding strides to get unsafe impaired drivers off Georgia’s roadways. If you would like to read more about Officer Page being recognized as officer of the month you can visit the MADD website.