Press Release:
BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (December 2, 2019) – Euharlee Elementary School earns Reward School designation from the Georgia Department of Education and joins the top 5% of greatest-improving Title I schools statewide based on 2018-2019 data!
The recognition comes under the leadership of former Euharlee Elementary School Principal Dr. Sharon Collum, who currently oversees federal programs and professional learning for the Bartow County School System. “Euharlee Elementary has always been committed to providing an outstanding education in a warm, nurturing environment,” says Dr. Collum. “That is nothing new. The tireless efforts of a wonderful staff working around-the-clock to improve student learning is also not new to Euharlee. The difference began as we truly broke apart the curriculum, standard by standard, and child by child.”
“Last year we created the Data Den, a data room consisting of each student’s name, color-coded based on benchmark assessments for both reading and math,” adds Euharlee Elementary School Assistant Principal Amanda Elrod. “Teachers met regularly in this room to discuss progress or lack of and physically move names based on data. Our teachers took ownership of this data and collaborated on strategies for improvement. Intervention plans, as well as tutoring selections, were based on data alone. No longer were academic decisions based on ‘I feel’ but ‘the data shows.’
New Euharlee Elementary School Principal Jim Bishop has continued that focus this academic year through the Professional Learning Communities model. “Teachers are collaborating twice weekly to set learning targets, clarify expected outcomes, analyze assessment data, and plan instruction to meet the needs of students who are struggling and those who are excelling, adds Principal Bishop. “Each also understands the improvement targets that must be met on the Georgia Milestones in order to build on the growth achieved last year.”
The Bartow County Board of Education will recognize Euharlee Elementary School for its exemplary improvement at the Dec. 16 board meeting.