Following the called Euharlee City Council business meeting held on Tuesday evening, there was a regularly scheduled work session where the council heard the first reading of an amendment to the floodplain management ordinance.

It was stated that this updated ordinance was coming before the city council because a citizen had raised concern with the EPD over the current ordinance. The EPD then contacted the city and provided the amendments that were being reviewed. The updates that were presented to the city council were similar to flood plain ordinances that are in use in Bartow County.

There was not much discussion during this reading due to the number of changes that were being proposed. However, the city council stated that they would take until their next meeting to review the changes. Then during their next meeting that will take place on May 2nd there would be further discussions on the proposed changes.

Following this first reading the council held discussions on the city possibly enrolling into a mass texting and communication plan. This plan would allow the city to send emergency notifications to its citizens and allow for an opt-in function where citizens could be notified of other things going on in the community.

The recommended service for the city council was ever bridge which is currently in use by Bartow County. The council’s main questions centered around the message limits, and pricing of the contracts.

While some of that information was not available at the time of this meeting, it appeared that once more information on future contract costs were available the council would be interested in providing to its citizens. There was no action taken on that item due to it being discussed in the work session.