On Tuesday around 1:15, the Cartersville Medical Center received a call about a patient being transported to Cartersville Medical Center, who was thought to have Ebola. The female voice said that the male patient was 19-years-old, was in contact with someone who had been quarantined and had diarrhea, fever and abdomen pain. The female said he was being transported from Urgent Care by his mother. After contacting the proper authorities with the hospital, Cartersville Medical Center followed hospital protocol which involved lockdown of the hospital and multiple individuals from different departments were called. After an extended period of time, it was determined that the call was unfounded, as the patient did not arrive to the hospital. As a result of the call, the hospital said that it costs them about $3,000 in man power.

On Tuesday, a Cartersville Medical Center spokesperson stated:

“”We do not have a confirmed case of Ebola. While we have not seen confirmed cases of Ebola in our immediate area, we are very well prepared to handle any infectious disease situation using standard protocols recommended by the CDC.”

The police report can be found on the WBHF Facebook Page.