On Tuesday night, a Bartow County deputy handled a phone call about a robbery.

The victim said his uncle contacted him and asked if he would not mind picking up one of his friends and taking him home, so he did.

He picked up a man with gray shorts, red and white shoes, and no shirt from BP on 263 Cassville Road. He said the guy wanted a ride to Wayside Road.

At the intersection of Otting Drive, and Wayside Road, two males reportedly jumped in front of his blue Ford Ranger. He stated that a white male with his shirt off and wrapped around his head so you could only see his eyes pointed a gun at him. A black male with a black shirt wrapped around his head reportedly got the victim out of the truck. The passenger got out and purportedly held the victim’s hands while the other black male went through his pockets.

All this allegedly happened while the white male pointed a pistol at him.

The suspects reportedly took an iPhone 11 Pro Max and $100 in cash from the victim.

After the robbery, the three suspects purportedly ran off behind 1 Wayside Road.

He stated his passenger had a short beard and a short afro. He said he was not skinny but had an athletic build, weighing about 150-170 pounds.

He did not mention any tattoo’s on any of the subjects.