Press Release

CARTERSVILLE, Ga., Aug. 2, 2017 – For the second consecutive year, the Georgia Department of Education named Cartersville Elementary School a High-Progress Reward School. The designation is given to Title 1 schools performing in the highest 10 percent in Georgia. Calculations used to identify schools are based on student performance on statewide assessments for the past three years.

Cartersville Elementary School Principal Melissa Bates attributed the school’s success to the hard work and dedication of students, teachers and parents. The school focused on offering evidence-based, scientifically researched instructional programs and digging deep into the statewide standards. They also provided additional student support through EIP and Challenge programs, which are focused on meeting students’ varying academic needs.

Principal Bates said, “It is a privilege to have our students and teachers recognized as a High Progress School. I am proud beyond words and elated to be a part of such a wonderful school.”