Doghousephoto 21
Cass High School construction class students completed
their partnership project with the Bartow Animal Control. Using their newly acquired skills of floor, wall and roof framing, the students built doghouses. The new houses will be used to keep
animals housed at the Bartow County Animal Control Shelter dry and comfortable.  Animal control needed seven houses, however, the students built 10 and sold the additional three
to pay for materials and expenses.
The project allowed students to experience firsthand the routine of a working construction site.  Of the 63 students involved, each was given a particular job ranging from supervisors, leads, saw
men, carpenters and nail drivers.  Teacher Jerome Black said, “The students appreciated the opportunity to partner with a community organization to put their framing skills to work. While this was the first year of the project, we hope to continue the partnership. It is important for our students to see their skills are valuable and to see they have the ability to make our community a better place.”