Board of Education Meeting Highlights January 9, 2023 The Cartersville City Schools Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, January 9, 2023. Cartersville Primary School was the host for the meeting.

“Honor you – Honor Me” Capturing Kids Hearts Word of the Month for January: Respect – Act with thoughtfulness Stellar Performers The Matthew Hill-Michael Dean HEARTS Employee of the Month for January (Administrative) is Shelley Tierce, principal at Cartersville High School. Ms. Tierce has developed a wonderful rapport with both the students and staff at Cartersville High School. You can see how much she truly cares through her words and actions on a daily basis. One of her nominators said, “Mrs. Tierce is very approachable and does not always just want solutions. She will sit and work through problems with you. We have had a very taxing few years and she has worked hard to tackle each and every mountain one step at a time with her staff.”  New Frontier of Bartow County, Inc. proudly sponsors the Hill-Dean HEARTS Employee of the Month Award and Shelley will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse, along with her name being added to a perpetual plaque displayed at the Cartersville Board Office.


Linda Benton Students of the Month The CPS Student of the Month is Tripp Grayer. Tripp is a student in Mrs. Lanier’s second grade class. Tripp is the most perfect example of respect and is extremely well-deserving of this honor. He is an amazing person, student and friend here at CPS. He is a ray of sunshine each and every day! All of his actions are done with true thoughtfulness. Tripp always uses his manners and seeks to find the good in all situations. He respects his teachers, his friends, our classroom supplies, and his school. He works hard to always listen and follow directions and gives 100% effort in all things. Tripp is a wonderful role model for RESPECT and CPS is blessed to call him ours.


The CES Student of the Month is Mackenzie Sexton. MacKenzie is new to our school this year, but she has stepped up and shown what a leader she can become. Her class immediately recognized that she was a hard worker and voted her Student Council representative. She tried out for the Purple Rain Singers with success and is also a cheerleader in the community. MacKenzie was voted as a Character Student of the Month for Responsibility by her peers and Chosen as a Star Student for the first semester. She strives to do her best and often goes above and beyond what is required in the classroom as her grades reflect. MacKenzie has a lot to offer, and her 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Hite, is honored to have her in her classroom at CES.


The CMS Student of the Month is Anthony Adams. Anthony is a student who exemplifies our CKH word of the month, Responsibility. He is an honor roll student and member of the CMS Hurricane Band. Anthony supports his school, teachers and classmates each day and takes on responsibilities and makes choices that make our school a better place to learn!


The CHS Student of the Month is Paul Gamble. Not only is Paul a multi-sport athlete respected by his coaches and peers, he is also a leader in the classroom. Coach Foster describes Paul as remarkably consistent and a role model for other students. We are proud of Paul for both his academic and athletic accomplishments.


CPS Special Presentation – The Computer Science/STEAM Lab Teacher, Metta Whitton, presented 6 CPS Tech Experts showcasing their skills given through the STEAM lab class. The CPS Tech Experts were: Jubilee Roberson Khaza Richards Abigail Trussel Jonathan Wyatt Stewart Marlee Dowling Harrison Popham During the Business Session, the following items were presented and approved:


The Board re-elected Kelley Dial as School Board President, Travis Popham as School Board Vice President and Pat Broadnax as School Board Secretary for 2023. Committee Appointments for 2023 are as follows:

Finance – Tim Chason, Chrm., Travis Popham, Carolyn R. Davenport

Technology – Louise Panter, Chrm.: Emma Paige, Carolyn R. Davenport

Policy – Pat Broadnax, Chrm.: Louise Panter, Emma Paige

Personnel/Extra-Curricular – Carolyn R. Davenport, Chrm.: Travis Popham, Tim Chason

Curriculum – Emma Paige, Chrm.: Pat Broadnax, Louise Panter

Building & Grounds – Travis Popham, Chrm.: Pat Broadnax, Tim Chason

Legal – Travis Popham, Chrm.: Louise Panter, Tim Chason The System Financial, Cost and Utility Reports for November 2022.

The purchase of thirty (30) stadium lockers and four (4) corner tall fillers with shipping and handling for Cartersville High School in the amount of $47,378.03 from Ernie Morris Enterprises, Inc located in Bushnell, FL. This will be paid from SPLOST. This comes from the Interlocal Purchasing System Contract (TIPS).

The purchase of Infinite Campus – a new Student Information System (SIS) located in Blaine, MN to replace PowerSchool. The data conversion and implementation will begin in January at a cost of $22,800. The annual school-year pricing for July, 2023 – June, 2024 is $54,907.20 (based on our current student enrollment).

The purchase of an Intercom System for the New Cartersville Primary School in the amount of $322,227.03 from NetPlanner Systems, Inc. located in Peachtree Corners, GA. This purchase comes from the State Contract and will be paid from SPLOST.

Under Consent, the following items were presented and approved: Per Diem: The Cartersville School Board will be paid a per diem, in lieu of expenses, for regular, called, and work session meetings of the Board, and committee meetings as provided by Policy BBBE.

Travel: The Board approved adoption and application of travel regulations for local school systems adopted by the State Board of Education.

Legal Liability: The Board approved the City of Cartersville Board of Education, according to O.C.G.A. 20-2-990-994, shall reimburse individual School Board members and/or employees for any deductible portion of a claim made on the legal liability insurance provided by the Board.

Legal Counsel: The Board approved the continued appointment of Mr. Harry B. White, Attorney at Law, Cartersville, GA, as legal counsel to represent the School Board during 2023.

RESA: The Board approved the City of Cartersville Board of Education approve the membership of the school system in the Northwest Georgia Regional Educational Services Association (RESA) for school year 2023-2024 and the Superintendent be appointed as the local school system representative to the NW GA RESA Board of Control for the 2023-2024 school year.

GSBA/NSBA: The Board of Education members were approved to be authorized to attend GSBA (Georgia School Boards Association) and NSBA (National School Boards Association) conferences and training sessions as official representatives of the Board during 2023, (Policy BBBE).

Sex Education/AIDS Prevention: The Board approved continued establishment of the Sex Education/AIDS Prevention Education Advisory Committee (Cartersville School Board Policy IDBA) and membership on an as needed basis for 2023.

Board of Education Code of Ethics: The Cartersville Board of Education reviewed and committed to the Board Code of Ethics that was originally adopted on March 12, 2007 and last revised on October 10, 2022.

Regular Monthly Meetings: The Board approved the Regular Monthly Meetings Schedule of the Cartersville School Board and School Board Committees for 2023 as presented below: The Cartersville School Board officially meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. with the exception of April, in which the meeting will be held on the third Monday, due to Spring Break. The Board meets in the Board Room located at the Cartersville City Board of Education office building, 15 Nelson Street, Cartersville, Georgia, unless otherwise noted. The School Board is scheduled to meet on the following dates in compliance with O.C.G.A. 20-2-58:

February 9, 2023 (combined w/Work Session due to Winter Break) Cartersville Elementary School, 340 Old Mill Road
March 13, 2023 – Cartersville Middle School, 825 Douthit Ferry Road
April 17, 2023 – Cartersville High School 320 East Church Street
May 8, 2023
June 12, 2023
July 10, 2023
August 14, 2023
September 11, 2023 – New Cartersville Primary School, 200 Carter Grove Blvd
October 5, 2023 – (Combined w/ Work Session due to Fall Break) Cartersville Elementary School, 340 Old Mill Road
November 13, 2023 – Cartersville Middle School, 825 Douthit Ferry Road
December 11, 2023 – (Combined w/ Work Session due to Cartersville Christmas Parade on 12/7) Cartersville High School, 320 East Church Street
January 8, 2024 Work Sessions are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. the Thursday preceding the regular Board Meeting.

Committee Meetings: Committees of the Cartersville School Board meet each month in the Superintendent’s Office of the Cartersville School Board, 15 Nelson Street, Cartersville, Georgia, according to the schedule listed below. These meetings are subject to cancellation.

Finance Committee: 1st Monday of each month 5:00 pm Legal Committee: 1st Monday of each month 6:00 p.m.

Technology Committee: 3rd Monday of each month 5:00 pm

Policy Committee: Last Tuesday of each month 5:00 pm

Personnel Committee: 3rd Thursday of each month 5:00 pm

Curriculum Committee: 4th Monday of each month 5:00 pm

Building and Grounds Committee: Last Thursday of each month 5:00 pm

GHSA Sanctioned Overnight/Out-of-State Trips: The Board approved blanket approval of school system students and personnel to attend and participate in overnight and out-of-state events first approved by the school’s Principal and sanctioned by the Georgia High School Association or Superintendent including athletic camps and events, i.e. football, basketball, band and cheerleading. Strong consideration should be given to not miss school unless the distance to be traveled requires an overnight stay.

Athletic Blanket: The Board approved authorizing the CHS Athletic Director to select the lowest and best bid from the Athletic Equipment/Cloth bids received by the required date and time. For any other items needed for all sports where a bid was not received, a written quote will be obtained by the Athletic Director from only the companies that submitted bids and were awarded bids by the required date and time with Local Companies (Bartow County) given priority. If items are not available from these companies awarded bids, the Athletic Director is authorized to find the best and lowest quote from any other reputable companies.

Overnight/Out-of-State Trip Request(s): The board approved the following overnight trip request: – CHS HOSA members to attend the HOSA State Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA March 2nd-4th, 2023.

Finance Committee recommendations:
The Board approved the 2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and the Performance Audit on Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax Report as prepared by Mauldin & Jenkins CPA.
Policy Committee recommendations:
The following policy revisions in Sections E & F were adopted: Section E: Business Management Abolish: EBB (Safety), EBBC, EBBE, EBBF, ED, EDG, EE, EED Keep: EBC, ECH, EDC, EDDA, EEE, EEF Turned to Operating Procedures: EB, EBJ Section F: Facility Expansion Program Abolish: FEDA Keep: FD, FDC
Curriculum Committee recommendations: The Board approved the use of the F.L.A.S.H Health Curriculum to be used at Cartersville High School. This is a free resource developed by The Public Health, Seattle. This will be a supplement to the current health textbook.
The following personnel recommendations were approved:

-Matthew Popham, Paraprofessional, effective January 13, 2023 -Rhonda Lea Thacker, Paraprofessional, effective January 13, 2023
Classified Personnel:
-Stacey Hubbard, Parapro, CPS, effective January 10, 2023 -Rachel Walker, Parapro, CMS, effective January 10, 2023 Promotion/Transfer:
-Sabrina McWhorter, CES Clerk I Receptionist, effective January 10, 2023 The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Cartersville School Board will be Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at Cartersville Elementary School, 340 Old Mill Road. This meeting is combined with the Work Session due to Winter Break.