Chief Thomas Culpepper of the Cartersville Police Department advised today that officers and civilian employees of the Department recently completed Diversity Training.  All employees were required to attend the eight hour block of instruction conducted by independent training consultants Mr. Kinsey Solomon and Dr. Sean Callahan.  Mr. Kinsey works for the Department of Juvenile Justice and Dr. Callahan is a professor at Georgia Highlands College. The training was conducted at the Public Safety Headquarters on Cassville Road, and was funded through the Federal Asset Forfeiture Program.

Chief Culpepper stated that the training was conducted at his request as a way to provide employees with the skills and understanding needed to serve a 21st century community.  The training stressed that diversity in the community must not be looked upon as a dividing element.  Instead, it is necessary to cultivate an understanding that our differences can make our communities stronger.

Chief Culpepper went on to state, “We demand that our employees adhere to the principles of decent human behavior and this is another method in which the department can prepare its employees to see and serve the community as a whole. Failure to embrace our differences is, perhaps, one cause for some officers to go astray. In my opinion, most police officers across the country are serving with excellence and will continue to do so. It was to our benefit that we were able to schedule this training for our employees.”