The first building in downtown Cartersville to have solar panels installed inched closer with an approval by the Historic Preservation Commission on Tuesday. David Hardegree the City Planner for Cartersville introduced the case by stating Noble and Main Coffee had originally inquired about adding solar panels to their building in 2019. Through their due diligence and working with the city the case was brought to the HPC last night. Hardegree stated that this would be the first business or building in downtown Cartersville to install solar panels.

Two of the major concerns that were brought forward by the commission were reflections coming off of the panels and the angles they would be set at. However, it was stated that the panels are mostly black and would not create any noticeable reflection. Along with that they would be angled at such a way that they would be barely visible if at all at street level. After these concerns were addressed, the commission recommended approval for these solar panels unanimously.

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