The Cartersville City Council has brought the city closer to becoming quieter in a good way.

During their recent meeting at City Hall, they unanimously approved a recommendation from the public works department on a construction agreement from CSX Transportation to provide labor, materials, technical assistance, and approval necessary to establish a quiet zone at the Carter Street, Cherokee Avenue, Main Street, Leake Street, and West Avenue crossings.

The Federal Railroad Administration allows for areas where conductors do not use their train horns, provided that specific safety measures are in place. Trains would still sound their horns upon spotting a hazard, such as a pedestrian crossing in the train’s path.

Improvements to the crossing gate arms have already been made at the Main St. crossing to help establish this quiet zone. The work will also include sidewalks at West Avenue, Leake Street, and Cherokee Street, concrete curb and extended culverts at Carter Street, and changes in communication and signal lines.

The total agreement from CSX Transportation is $1,828,001. This item is budgeted to be paid for by the 2020 SPLOST.

City Manager Dan Porta stated that if CSX follows its construction timeframe, work crews will complete the quiet zone in the first quarter of 2025.