The Cartersville City Council will meet today where they will hear two ordinance readings in addition to a handful of contracts and purchases.

There will also be appointments proposed to the Board of zoning appeals. There are currently four terms that are set to expire in June. All four of these appointments are proposed to be reappointments of the current serving members including Kevin McElwee, Patrick Murphy, Malcolm Cooley, and Linda Brunt. During last week’s Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, it was confirmed that all proposed reappointments wished to extend their terms to June 1st, 2027.

The only second reading that will be taking place is for new ordinances relating to gas system rates. These changes include new rates for large customers such as Hyundai and Qcells and amendments to rates for customers that only use heat loads in the winter, while paying lower amounts to maintain service through the rest of the year.

The first reading that will be taking place is to change how many times businesses are required to report to the alcohol control board. Currently there are three quarters that are required to be reported, but this ordinance if passed would change that to four quarters.

One of the proposed agreements is a second amendment to a purchase of power contract with MEAG power. This new amendment most significant change is a 30% increase in power costs from the first amendment. This increase is due to the developer’s inability to get financing from the first pricing amendment to now. This item is recommended for approval and the project will still generate power at a favorable cost to the city.

The largest proposed purchase that will come forward during this meeting is a not to exceed $80,000 agreement to lay new gravity sewer. This is being done for the Overlook Parkway lift station that is not in an ideal location or have the capacity to serve proposed development in the area. The gravity piping will be laid from the current station to the proposed new lift station.

This Cartersville City Council meeting will be played live on the WBHF website and on air at 1450 AM and 100.3 FM.