The council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. where there will be the first reading of an amendment to the city’s alcohol ordinance and the second reading of updates to the parks and recreation ordinance.

In addition to these two ordinances the city council will have the first reading of attendance ordinances for all of the board and commissions. Those include the alcohol control board, the planning commission, historic preservation commission, and board of zoning appeals. These changes in attendance, if approved, would allow any member to be removed without a public hearing if they miss three consecutive meetings without cause. These attendance rules mimic the ones in place for the City Council.

The amendments that are being proposed to the alcohol ordinance is seeking to change the section on definitions and the section on pouring licenses limited to certain establishments. These proposed changes are being brought before the council with the goal of providing JZ’s Taste of Georgia a path forward to keep their business open.

As for the parks and recreation ordinance the three changes that will be applied if this item is approved are the hours which someone can park a vehicle at a public park, prohibiting metal detecting and drone flying in parks, and prohibiting paragliders in parks.

There will also be two proposed reappointments to the Downtown Development Authority. These two proposals will be Beth Tilley and Mike Fields to continue serving on the board until May 11th, 2027.

The council will also hear proposals for a handful of purchases during this meeting. One of the largest is the purchase of two trucks for the gas department that will cost just over $100,000.00.

Lastly the council will hear a grant application from the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter. This is an annual approval request so that the shelter can submit applications for grant funds from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

This Cartersville City Council meeting will be aired live in WBHF’s website as well as on 100.3 FM and 1450 AM.