The Cartersville City Council will meet on Thursday where they will hear the first readings of two smaller rezoning, some ordinance changes and consider some purchases and large agreements.

The council will also be making the appointment of Wade Wilson as the Public Works Director for the City of Cartersville. This appointment is being made due to the previous director, Tommy Sanders, resigning from the position.

Two ordinances that will have their second readings during this meeting are an amended noise ordinance and a revision to the signs and outdoor advertising ordinance. The amended noise ordinance specifically seeks to add restrictions to engine, muffler or exhaust system noise. While the update to the outdoor advertising ordinance is being revised to allow the use of pole banners so that the City of Cartersville and the DDA can install pole banners where approved.

There will also be the first reading of a proposed amendment to the cities panhandling ordinance. If this item were to be approved during its second reading on April 6th it would add additional regulations to panhandling.

The two rezoning cases that will be heard for first readings were both recommend for approval unanimously by the planning commission. One is located on old mill road and is seeking to change a .86-acre lot from general commercial to light industrial so that a business can expand onto it. The second case is seeking to rezone a half-acre lot on Mimosa Terrace from single family residential to general commercial so that a salon can be operated out of a building on the property.

Two of the largest agreements that will be proposed during this meeting are additional funding for the Douthit Ferry Road Project, and a water contract with Bartow County. Cartersville had previously requested additional engineering funding from GDOT for the road project, to which GDOT has agreed to fund an additional $375,000.00. This extra funding is recommended for approval.

The other agreement comes after a water service agreement between the city and the county first inked in 1969 expired in 2019. The county and city have worked on a new 30-year agreement that continues water service and mandates cooperation and planning of both water systems. This new water agreement is also recommended for approval.

Lastly the city will be presented with their 2022 audit. There will be a longer presentation starting at 5:15 p.m., but it will also be heard during the meeting.

This Cartersville City Council meeting will be aired live on WBHF’s website, as well as on 1450 A.M. and 100.3 F.M. starting at 7:00 p.m.