The Cartersville Board of Education approved the purchase of ten items for a total amount of $651,097.03 during their recent meeting.

The largest purchase was for three AV systems that will be used in the New Cartersville Primary School. One will be used in the media center, on at the cafeteria stage, and one in the gym. These systems cost $69,157.17, $78,028.82, and $72,790.58 respectively for a total amount of 219,976.57. All of these systems will be coming from Presidio Networked Solutions and will be paid for from SPLOST funds.

The next largest purchase that was approved was furniture for Cartersville High School for just over $150,000. The some of the items that were included in this purchase were student desks, chairs, and tables. This purchase will be coming from Ernie Morris Enterprises Inc. and will also be paid for from SPLOST funds.

The board also approved the upgrade of faculty and staff laptops of Cartersville Middle School for the total amount of 107,100.00. The purchases were made for 100 Dell laptops and will again be paid for from the school systems SPLOST funds.

In addition to the purchase of laptops the school board also purchased 180 iPad, 150 of which will be going to the Cartersville Primary school, and the other 30 going to Cartersville Elementary School. The total amount for the iPad going to the primary school was 70,950.00 with funding coming from SPLOST. The iPad going to the elementary school totaled 14,190.00 and will be paid for from CES funds.

The last of the purchases that were made were for training sessions from The Flippen Group L.L.C and working on the CMS practice field and CES playground from Trammel Lawn Care. All of these purchases were approved unanimously by the Board of Education.