December 12, 2022

The Cartersville City Schools Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, December 12, 2022. Cartersville Elementary School was the host for the meeting.
“Better Together” Capturing Kids Hearts Word of the Month for December
Responsibility – Own your thoughts, words, and actions

The Matthew Hill-Michael Dean HEARTS Employee of the Month for December (School Nutrition) is Ms. Patricia Vasquez. Everything Patricia does, she does well. She takes pride in her work and excels at everything she does. She is easy to approach, talk to, and just carries a positive attitude with her daily. Patricia is a joy to work with and be around. Even when things are stressful, she keeps everyone’s spirits up with her wonderful sense of humor. She’s just all-around as good as you can get. Everyone in our CES kitchen and our students at CES think the world of her.

Linda Benton Students of the Month
The CPS Student of the Month is Hannah McMillan. She is an outstanding student in Mrs. Ross’ second grade classroom who exemplifies our character word of the month, Responsibility. Hannah is a teacher’s dream – always kind, respectful, and has a passion for learning. She loves a challenge! She is a responsible student that can be entrusted to handle any aspect of the classroom. She completes all classwork and homework, helps others in the classroom even when not asked, and graciously accepted the task of taking care of the beloved class caterpillars over Thanksgiving break. She is a Little Legacy member and has the responsibility to collect all Kindergarten attendance folders in the morning. Hannah is an all-around amazing student at CPS and is well deserving of this honor. We are lucky to have her at CPS!

The CES Student of the Month is Alexandria Baker. Alexandria is a student in Ms. Byrd’s 3rd grade classroom. Ms. Byrd shared, “Alexandria represents the Canes Code in every way possible! She is extremely hard-working and never lets a challenge stand in her way. She shows so much pride in her work; you can tell she genuinely loves school. Alexandria is an excellent leader and role model in our classroom. She handles difficult situations with compassion and grace and is a great problem-solver! From hearing about Alexandria’s outside involvement in soccer and horseback riding, I can tell she puts just as much passion and heart as she does in her work here at school into her outside activities.” CES is proud of you, Alexandria!

The CMS Student of the Month is Khyla Scott. Khyla is an honor roll student enrolled in accelerated and honors classes. She is a member of various band ensembles and has been selected for many band honors. Khyla consistently represents her school, community, and family in a very positive manner!
The CHS Student of the Month is Dacia Vasquez. Dacia goes over and beyond her duties as a first block intern. She is bilingual, and this allows her to help many students and their families when they visit our front office. She is mature for her age, and she truly understands the meaning of customer service. She has a heart for helping others. We are proud of her!

2022 Retirees and Years of Service in Education Elise Eubanks – 28 Terri Jones – 25.5 Susan Linsey – 35 December Graduates Congratulations to the following students on receiving their diplomas by fulfilling all requirements to be certified as Cartersville High School graduates: Laterance Cox Torion Cooley Carl Davis Ariadna Soberanis Liset Zavala CES Special Presentation – The Computer Science teacher at CES, Kevin Ruff, presented information about both the new Computer Science course as well as our after-school Tech Club program, which provides opportunities for interested students to extend their digital knowledge and leadership beyond the classroom. Select CES Tech Club students who are advancing to the Northwest Regional Technology Competition in January presented their winning entries focused on one of 15 technology categories. During the Business Session, the following items were presented and approved:

The System Financial, Cost and Utility Reports for October 2022.
The purchase of cores, keys and installation for the new Primary School from Superior Hardware Products, Longwood, FL, in the amount of $31,713.00. This comes from The Interlocal Purchasing System Contract (TIPS) and will be paid from SPLOST.

The purchase of Avigilon CCTV Camera System for the new Cartersville Primary School in the amount of $215,298.95 from NetPlanner Systems, Inc. located in Peachtree Corners, GA. This is coming from the State Contract and will be paid from SPLOST.

The purchase of Avigilon Access Control System for the new Cartersville Primary School in the amount of $92,262.19 from NetPlanner Systems, Inc. located in Peachtree Corners, GA. This is coming from the State Contract and will be paid from SPLOST.

The purchase of Interactive Panels and Installation for the new Cartersville Primary School in the amount of $457,685.00, low bid as specified, from Engaged Systems located in Cartersville, GA. This will be paid from SPLOST.
Trammell Lawn Care, LLC, Cedartown, GA was approved to haul the dirt from the former CHS practice field that has been used as a construction zone during the construction of the new STEM Building. Price will be billed at hourly rates as submitted but not to exceed $47,250.00. This will be paid from SPLOST.
Trammell Lawn Care, LLC, Cedartown, GA was approved to do the grading, new irrigation, and sod installation at the former CHS practice field. The total cost is $76,940.00. This will be paid from SPLOST.

The System Calendar Committee’s proposed 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school year calendars were approved.

Under Consent, the following items were presented and approved.

The FY23 Training Plan was approved as amended.

The Hope Center, Cartersville, GA donated a gong (musical instrument) to the Cartersville High School Band Program.

The Superintendent’s contract was approved as amended adding language that was consistent with previous contracts mistakenly left off.

Finance Committee recommendations:
The Board approved the FY 2024 Budget Preparation and Millage Setting Calendar.
Policy Committee recommendations: The following revisions for Policy Section E & F were placed on the table for public view and comment until the next Board Meeting. Section E: Business Management Abolish: EBB (Safety), EBBC, EBBE, EBBF, ED, EDG, EE, EED Keep: EBC, ECH, EDC, EDDA, EEE, EEF Turned to Operating Procedures: EB, EBJ Section F: Facility Expansion Program Abolish: FEDA Keep: FD, FDC

3. Adopt Policy Sections D & G
The following policy revisions in Sections D & G were adopted. Section D: Fiscal Management
Abolish: DB, DCC, DFD, DFE, DH Keep: DA, DCL, DFK, DIA, DO Revise: DC, DJCB, DJE, DK Turned to Operating Procedures: DG, DJEI, DL, DN

Section G: Human Resources Management

The following personnel recommendations were approved:
-Walter McDaniel, Paraprofessional, effective December 16, 2022
-Jeffrey Dickerson, JROTC Instructor, effective end of 2022-23 school year
Certified Personnel: -Raelyn Walls, CES Teacher, effective January 2, 2023

– Phoebe Martin, Transportation Secretary, effective January 2, 2023

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Cartersville Board of Education will be Monday, January 9, 2023 at Cartersville Primary School.

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