On Monday May 1st the Georgia EPD announced its summer burn ban for 54 counties including Bartow.

The EPD website states that in Atlanta, during the summer months, the ozone in the air we breathe can reach unhealthy levels. Ozone is formed when volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides react in the presence of sunlight. A major source of these pollutants is the burning of fuels and other combustible materials.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has identified open burning as a significant contributor of the pollutants that form ozone. Therefore, open burning in metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas must be restricted during the summer months. The open burning ban prohibits citizens and businesses from burning yard and land debris. This burn ban will also remain active until September 30th.

There are exemptions to this ban which are:

  • Agricultural burning exemption.
  • Forestry “prescribed burning” exemption*
  • Campfires or barbeques.
  • Fire-fighting training exemption provided appropriate permit is issued.
  • Operation of open flame equipment exemption.
  • Explosive disposal in accordance with U.S. Department of Labor Safety Regulations.

However, due to Bartow County’s proximity to Atlanta, none of these exemptions will apply. Any failure to adhere to the rules of this ban may result in fines.

You can visit the Georgia EPD website for more information on this ban, along with being able to find maps that highlight what is and isn’t allowed under this ban.