Numerous bullets damaged two homes and three vehicles on Jenny Lane near Cartersville before 12:41 a.m. on Wednesday.

Deputies reportedly located numerous shell casings on the roadway in front of the residences.

One resident stated she thought she heard someone knocking on the windows of her house. She said that once she got to looking around, she noticed that somebody had shot her home multiple times. The victim stated that one bullet went through her daughter’s bedroom window while she was asleep and hit her dresser. Another bullet reportedly went through the other bedroom window frame, through the wall, and into the bathroom.

While checking the outside of the other residence, deputies noticed someone shot the next-door residence along with a red Cadillac Escalade, a blue Chevrolet C10, and a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the driveway. There was a bullet hole in the front door and the front bedroom window.

Deputies reportedly knocked on the front windows and side door several times while announcing Bartow County Sheriff’s Office. There was no response from inside the residence. Under the circumstances, deputies
forced entry by kicking the front door to ensure no occupants needed medical attention.

A male emerged from the hallway when they kicked in the front door. He complied with verbal commands to exit the residence and stated that his girlfriend was still in the house. She also received and complied with verbal commands to exit the residence. Deputies located no other occupants.

The male stated they were in bed when they heard a knocking noise. He said he didn’t think about it at first, but then the noise intensified, so they took cover in the bedroom. The man said he was scared and didn’t want to come to the door because of it. He said he then saw deputies on the security cameras.

His girlfriend corroborated his story.

In addition to the numerous bullet holes in the vehicles, the front door, and the front bedroom window, deputies located bullet holes in the walls and in the bathroom shower.