Press Release from Bartow Sheriff’s Office

The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office responded to a man’s body found on a train just before10:30AM this morning.

According to Sheriff Clark Millsap, a person called 911 to report seeing what appeared to be a man’s body on a southbound train car in the area of Cassville Road and Sugar Valley Road. Bartow County 911 dispatchers immediately contacted CSX Dispatch and the train was stopped and checked by train personnel who located the body on a flatcar. Investigators are working to identify the man and it is believed that he was killed by the train or a passing structure/other train. It is also believed that the man died before the train reached Bartow County. No further information is available at this time, the next step is that the man’s body will be sent to the GBI Crimelab to attempt to obtain his identity and official cause of death. The train was reported to have been travelling south through Bartow County from Chattanooga, Tennessee.