Bartow County SWAT removed 37-year-old Yihua Wiseman from her residence on Wilson Street in Acworth early Saturday morning after a five-hour incident that began on Friday night in which she reportedly threatened two people at the Lake Forest Country Club on the other side of her fence, lit a toilet paper roll on fire, and threw it into the woods, causing a fire. The Bartow County Fire Department helped to put the fire out.

The alleged victims stated they had collected some pine straw and taken it to the woodline to dump on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ property when Wiseman stood in the roadway carrying a hammer. After she yelled at them continuously, they purportedly told her to mind her business and return home. That’s when Wiseman reportedly went inside her house, brought out the toilet paper, covered it in accelerant, set it on fire, and threw it on Army Corps property. When the victims said they were calling law enforcement, she allegedly said she was going to her house to get a knife to take care of them.

When Bartow County deputies tried to make contact with Wiseman, she reportedly pointed multiple knives at them, saying they would have to go in and get her.

After the SWAT incident and a visit to the hospital, deputies booked her into jail for arson in the third degree, obstructing a law enforcement officer, and two counts of terroristic threats and acts.