Press Release from Bartow County School System:


The percentage of students graduating from Bartow County School System increased this year from 70.2 to 78.6 percent. The rise is attributed to a number of factors ranging from an improved approach to education to the absence of the graduation test.

Dr. Kimberly Fraker is the chief academic officer of BCSS and sees the success as the result of hard work by the staff and administration in our schools.

“We are working very diligently to impress upon our students of the importance of completing their high school education. Advisement is a big part of our strategy to create a seamless transition for our students from high school to their next step in life. They need that extra support to determine how to successfully enter the workforce or post-secondary education.

“Another fantastic factor is BCSS’s commitment to offering our students a relevant, more applicable education. All three of our high schools and our college and career academy

offer work-based learning, which is an integral step in preparing our students who want to enter the workforce or pursue a specific trade upon graduation. Also, our Move On When Ready option gives students the ability to earn college credit while still in high school.

Superintendent Dr. John Harper believes the increase is a step in the right direction.

“While I am very pleased with the increased rate, my goal for the system is still to see 90 percent of our students graduating. We will continue to move toward that goal as we learn the new expectations from the state in regards to curriculum and instruction.”

To achieve the goal of 90 percent graduation rate, BCS is currently working to strengthen the advisement process, expand the number of pathways offered at the college and career academy and to create the expectation that graduation is an initiative to be embraced at all levels of education.

Fraker said, “We are changing our focus from graduation being a high school goal to a k-12 focus. We want to begin encouraging our kindergarteners that graduation is the goal.”

Adairsville High School saw the highest increase with 80.2 percent. Woodland High School increased to 79.5 percent with Cass High School’s percentage of students graduated to 77.6 percent.