Governor Brian Kemp has declared that a state of emergency exists in Georgia due to the potential of severe winter weather affecting the state from today through Monday.

Bartow County is under a wind chill advisory from midnight tonight until noon on Saturday.

The National Weather Service expects freezing wind chills as low as five below zero.

They expect temperatures to begin falling behind an arctic front tomorrow rapidly. Temperatures will fall into the teens and 20s along the Interstate 20 and Interstate 85 corridors before noon. Further south, temperatures will fall into the lower and middle 30s through the early afternoon. They expect lows in the teens Saturday morning. In addition, windy conditions are anticipated, with northwest winds of 15 to 20 mph with frequent gusts of 30 to 40 mph likely.

The cold wind chills could result in hypothermia without proper precautions.

Use caution while traveling outside. Wear appropriate clothing, a hat, and gloves.

• Have a flashlight, a portable phone charger, and spare batteries in case the power goes out.
• Maintain ventilation around fireplaces.
• Use space heaters only on level surfaces and keep away from furniture, curtains, water, children, and pets.
• Never use generators indoors. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the generator model.
• Prepare an emergency supply kit for your home and vehicle.

For additional tips on staying safe during severe winter weather, visit the website and