Samuel Colt Parker

Bartow County deputies arrested 39-year-old Samuel Colt Parker at his residence on Catherine Circle near Cartersville on Friday night in connection to a shooting. The victim said he went to Parker’s house to hang out and sat on the front porch drinking a few alcoholic drinks with him. He said he received a phone call, and Parker got mad and told him to leave. Parker reportedly went inside.

Later, the victim knocked on the door to say goodbye to Parker. He said that Parker opened the door while he was on his knees, pointed a pistol at him, yelled, “I thought I told you to leave,” and fired two shots. One of the shots hit the victim on the front right of the shin on his left leg. As he turned to go off the porch, the victim said that Parker walked out the door with a pistol-grip shotgun and fired three more times at him. None of those shots hit the victim. The victim managed to walk down the road, get away from Parker, and call 911. Metro Atlanta transported the victim to a hospital.

Deputies observed blood trails on the ground coming from the direction the victim purportedly took when leaving the front porch. They found two spent shotgun shells in the area of the crime. The victim reportedly drove a white Volkswagen Passat to Parker’s house before the incident. The car had a bullet hole from a shotgun on the front driver’s side fender and the front driver’s side door below the mirror.

After obtaining search warrants, deputies located a handgun and a pistol-grip shotgun at the residence. They also performed a gun residue test on Parker at the BCSO. They charged Samuel Parker with two counts of aggravated assault, one count of criminal damage to property in the second degree, and one count of reckless conduct. He posted a $12,000 bail on Saturday afternoon.