The following is a portion of the Cartersville Police report of the incident:

Disposition Date:
Occurred Thru: 12/31/2017 02:05
Occurred From: 12/31/2017 02:05
Incident Type: Drug Investigation
Reported Date: 12/31/2017 02:05 Sunday

No. Group/ORI Crime Code Statute Description Counts
1 State 35A 16-13-30(a) Cocaine Possession of Cocaine 1
2 State 35A 16-13-2(b) Marijuana-possess less than 1 oz 1

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Cartersville Police Department
Case Number: 2017-00029064

On Sunday, December 31, 2017 at approximately 0208 hours, I was dispatched with an officer to the area of 290 East
Felton Road in reference to two gunshots in the area. Upon checking the area, I turned onto Cain Drive, and immediately noticed the
odor of marijuana. I observed approximately 4 male subjects standing in the front yard. I notified an officer who meet me on
Braircrest Way off Cain Drive. When the officer arrived, he also advised me that he could smell the odor of marijuana in the
area. While parked approximately 100 yards away from the residence at 2 Cain Drive, the odor of marijuana was still very strong.
Two officers and myself made contact with the individuals standing outside of 2 Cain Drive. We advised the
individuals why we were in the area, to which they stated they do not believe any gun shots were fired here. While speaking with the
individuals next to the front porch of 2 Cain Drive, we advised the 4 males that we could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from
this residence. We asked the individuals if there was anyone else inside the residence, they advised yes, we are having a party for the
female who rented the house.  I knocked on the door to the residence and contact was made with approximately 60 people inside the residence.

When the door was opened, the odor of marijuana emitted from within the residence. I advised everyone inside the residence to come stand in plain view.

I advised the sergeant to come to the residence and also notify the Bartow County Drug Task Force to respond as well. An officer advised

all individuals on the front porch and inside the residence that everyone was being detained, due to the smell of marijuana coming from within

the residence. The individuals located inside the residence are as follows:


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While waiting on the Bartow County Drug Task force to arrive, we cleared the residence for any other individuals.
We remained in the living room with the individuals inside the residence to make sure no contraband was destroyed
and for the safety of other officers on scene. I observed numerous amounts of alcohol, as well as several clear plastic bags containing
suspected marijuana in plain view, in the living room and on top of a table in the dining room. Drug related objects, pipes, grinders
and wrappers were also observed in plain view throughout the residence. The items I observed were left in place for the Bartow
County Drug task force to photograph and collect upon receiving the search warrant. Once the drug task force arrived, the scene was
turned over to them.

All individuals were subsequently placed under arrest by the Bartow County Drug Task force on various charges with additional to
follow. All suspects were transported to the Bartow County Jail, by jail deputies and officers on scene. Bartow County Drug Task
Force collected all contraband found inside the residence.  The incident was recorded on my Body Worn Camera.
Nothing further at this time.
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