The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office arrested someone this week regarding a report of an irate customer at Captain D’s on Joe Frank Harris Parkway and East Felton Road on Sunday afternoon, October 8th.

A woman advised that a white male pulled up to the intercom outside, and she asked him to stand by for a minute. She said the male then slowly rolled to the drive-through window and began yelling at her, even threatening physical harm. The lady stated that the male then drove around and entered the store, continuing to cuss at the employees and calling them the “N” word. They reportedly asked the male to leave multiple times, but he approached the counter.

Another employee told deputies that the male was being belligerent and was holding something on his side when approaching the employee area.

A third employee said he exited the kitchen and asked the male to leave. He said that when the male refused and continued to walk towards the employee, he used physical force to remove the male, and the male then left the store.

Bartow County dispatch advised deputies that there was a gun involved in the incident. However, the suspect left before their arrival, and all employees denied the use of a firearm.

Early this Monday morning, deputies booked 33-year-old Omarkeon Darchie Tutt of Cartersville into the jail regarding this incident. His charges are aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. We have not received any additional official information regarding this case.