A complainant stated that a stranger robbed him of 500 dollars and his SIM card at gunpoint at the Red Top Mountain Visitor’s Center on Thursday night while he was trying to buy a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra from the subject.

The alleged victim said he observed the seller driving a black Nissan Sentra that was missing a bumper. He stated that a young black male subject with short braids wearing a red sweater, ripped pants, and an old pair of gray New Balance sneakers exited the vehicle and approached him. The claimant said the male appeared between 17 and 18 years old and spoke like an educated person who knew much about cell phones.

The alleged victim said the suspect showed him the phone and, upon the victim’s request, brought out a pick and placed the buyer’s SIM card into the phone so the man could call his wife to test the smartphone. The buyer then said that he observed two handguns pointing out of the windows of the Nissan Sentra at him. He said the suspect told him not to move, and then he took the 500 dollars and the phone with the victim’s SIM card still inside of it. The complainant said the suspect he dealt with was not armed.

Less than ten minutes later, the complainant advised deputies that he saw the Sentra at the Sunoco on Red Top Mountain Road near I-75 in Emerson and observed four males and one female in the car. He stated that the female had short braids and appeared around the same age as the male who approached him.