Bartow County deputies responded to an armed robbery at Budgetel Inn on Carson Loop off Cassville White Road on Wednesday afternoon.

The complainant advised that a black female who cleans at a few of his company’s business locations called him asking him to meet her at a room at Budgetel to pay her. He agreed and said he knocked on the cracked open door, saying her name.

When he pushed the door open and walked in, the complainant advised that a heavier-set black male, wearing all black and a black ski mask, emerged behind the door. Another heavier-set black male, wearing all black and a black do-rag, came out of the bathroom, pointing a firearm at him. He said the man from behind the door instructed him to place his hands out in front of him. When the complainant did so, the man duct-taped his hands together loosely, and then the man with the firearm instructed him to lie on the bed face down.

He stated that while facing down on the bed, the men went through his pockets and stole his gray iPhone 12 max with a black OtterBox case, his wallet containing $600 cash and four payment cards, and the keys to his gray 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

The complainant then advised the suspects instructed him to count to 100 before moving from the bed. He said he stayed on the bed until he knew they were gone, got up, took the duct tape off his hands, and sat in his vehicle until law enforcement arrived. The complainant advised that he did not need any medical assistance.

He advised that a bag full of blank checks that were in his name and his black Springfield XD 45 pistol were missing from his truck.

The clerk at the inn gave investigators access to their surveillance cameras and provided an I.D. of the suspect who paid for that room.

The case is under investigation.