It’s time for a Tuesday edition of Bartow’s Morning News, broadcasting the very best in local news, weather, traffic and sports on your award-winning community radio station.

CassColonelsFBhelmetWe have three guest segments today. At 7:40AM, Bobby Hughes, head coach of the Cass Colonels, will join us by phone for today’s Coaches Corner. We’ll talk about last week’s loss against Dalton on the road and then we will talk about this coming Friday’s home game against Creekview.

jim_dunham410At 7:50AM, Stuart Chester, head baseball coach of the Cartersville Purple Hurricanes, will stop by our studios to talk about an upcoming golf tournament coming up on Monday, September 29th — the inaugural Hurricane Baseball Golf Tournament sponsored by Specialty Accounting and Tax Services as well as the Daily Tribune.

At 8:40AM, Jim Dunham, historian at the Booth Western Art Museum, will join us in studios for, “Stories that Won the West.” Jim will bring a new story to life each Tuesday so tune in and learn a little more about how the West was won.

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