We now have more information about the arrest of a man charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer. Twenty-nine-year-old Justin Marcel Greene of Cartersville was arrested Wednesday and charged with impersonating an officer, reckless conduct, unauthorized vehicle with amber or red lights and willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer. According to Cartersville Police reports, officers were called to the Imp Fuel at 58 West Avenue Friday, February 18th, 2022 to stop a suspect believed to be involved in an armed robbery. A responding officer observed a black passenger car stop behind him. A man reportedly exited the vehicle with a firearm in hand.
The Cartersville officer confronted the man identified as Justin Greene. He said Greene then assumed a shooting stance in front of the stopped vehicle.
According to the report, Greene made no movement for cover and did not attempt to disengage from the situation. The Cartersville officer took no further action assuming Greene was a non-uniformed officer.
Greene had a firearm in his hand and was wearing a badge on his belt.
He drove a black Ford Crown Victoria with a cage in the back. The vehicle had lights in the back, on the sides and in the front. A juvenile was in the vehicle. Greene left the scene. No one on scene knew Greene, it was later determined that he was not a law enforcement officer.

On Wednesday, February 23rd, Greene’s car was located on East Porter Street pulling into the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter. When asked about the events of Friday, Greene reportedly said he picked up his daughter from daycare and stopped at Imp Fuel to make a purchase.
He became trapped at the gas station and could not leave. When ask about presenting a weapon, Green reportedly said he was trying to get his daughter and leave.
Greene was found to be on felony probation for impersonating a law enforcement officer. He was in possession of the same weapon displayed at the stop at Imp Fuel. He had an identification card with a badge number.
The card identified him as Officer Greene Public Safety. He also had a ballistic style helmet in the truck of the vehicle along with a plate vest and weighted training plates. The vehicle contained a radio, light control system, siren, and flashing lights.
He was booked into the Bartow County Jail and bond was set at $12,000.
Greene worked with the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter’s Outreach Program. According to the website, he was a former resident of the shelter.

Another arrest unrelated to Greene resulted from Friday’s reported robbery. The robbery call turned out to be a hoax. Thirty-one-year-old, Brionca Shaunte Monford of Rome was arrested and charged with one count of false report of a crime. Cartersville Police Officers were called to the QuikTrip for the reported armed robbery of an individual. Cartersville Police Officers were led to the Imp Station on West Avenue to speak with an alleged suspect.