Cartersville, GA (June 13, 2014) – BCSS high school students have the opportunity to receive a Microsoft IT Certification through Microsoft’s IT Academy. This program is synced with the business curriculum at the local high school. It offers classroom and online learning, hands-on labs, access to hundreds of courses, books, cutting-edge resources and collaboration tools.
Students learn computer basics, computer safety privacy and security, the internet and the World Wide Web, Windows 7 and Microsoft 2010. They also learn basic to advanced skills in using Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, Power Point, Notebook, Outlook, and Excel, creating an internet e-mail account, evaluation of web resources, and resume writing. In addition, they will: understand and apply the social, legal, and ethical issues related to technology used in personal and professional endeavors; use technology as a tool to increase productivity in
completing a variety of input technologies to create, edit, and publish industry appropriate documents.; use word processing and/or desktop publishing software through a variety of input technologies to create, edit, and publish industry appropriate documents. As students finish levels in their business classes, they take on-line tests for the Microsoft Certification.

This program is an initiative with the Georgia Department of Education and Microsoft. BCSS ranks as one of the top five districts in the state with the most students taking and passing the Microsoft Certification. This year, BCSS has 287 high school students pass the certification. “We are extremely excited about the opportunities Microsoft IT gives our students as they explore opportunities in the work force. Having this certification gives our students a leg up on the completion, “ said Jim Gottwald Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum and Student Services.