The Cartersville City Council will meet today to discuss a contract for the old police station at 178 West Main Street, along with taking on some engineering projects.

Back in October 2021 the City of Cartersville released an RFP for the property. Afterwards the city received two proposals one from McWhorter Capital Partners and Womack Custom Homes. The city decided to move forward McWhorter Capital Partners at that time.

However, after their due diligence process McWhorter decided to opt out of their agreement. Womack Custom Homes and JB Henderson Properties, Inc. were then contacted to gauge their interest with moving forward with the project. Following that in October 2022 the council authorized to staff to enter negotiations with those two entities. In this meeting the negotiated contract with JB Henderson Properties, Incorporated will be presented to the council.

One of the engineering contracts that is being proposed during this meeting is from Hazen & Sawyer Engineering to evaluate the sewer collection and treatment capacity of the city’s sewerage system needed to accommodate the additional hydraulic and treatment demands. This evaluation would cost $98,700 and is being proposed due to the projected demands from large industrial customers.

The second item is for the west side of the water system needing a large diameter transmission main to improve water distribution system reliability. The proposal will cost $547,000 from Hazen and Sawyer which includes the design, permitting assistance, and bid phase engineering.

Lastly the council will hear a proposal that would name City Manager Dan Porta as an authorized representative for settlement purposes to sign all relevant documents in the Allergan, Teva, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart Settlements.

This Cartersville City Council meeting will be aired live on WBHF 1450 am and 100.3 fm starting at 7:00 p.m.