WoodlandFBhelmetThe Woodland Wildcats (0-10) traveled to Atlanta on Thursday evening to take on the North Atlanta Warriors. The Wildcats were trailing 12-10 late in the fourth quarter, but kicked a field goal to give them a 13-12 lead with five seconds remaining in the game. Woodland head coach Vince DiLorenzo and staff decided to go with a squib kick on the ensuing kickoff, a strategy that is used by many coaches with little time remaining on the clock, in order to negate a long kickoff return. The Warriors fielded the ball and executed numerous laterals to get the ball to the Woodland 40 with time expired. Unfortunately, the officials called Woodland for a horse-collar, which moved the ball up to the Woodland 25 and gave the Warriors a chance for a field goal to win the game, with no time remaining on the clock. the Warriors converted and Woodland failed to capture a win in the 2014 season.


DiLorenzo said that he felt bad for the Woodland players, but they had no one to blame, except for themselves. He said that had a chance for a storybook finish in Atlanta Thursday night, but fell just short.