It has nearly been two months since the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office discovered five children dead in a Stone Haven Falls apartment on March 30th, yet little is still known about the case. WBHF spoke to Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap on Monday, who said there is little he can release about the incident at this time, as they await results from the GBI Crime Lab.

“(The childern) weren’t exactly alone – Mom and Dad were there in the residence also. We are just waiting on the toxicology reports.

Sheriff Millsap said television shows have the illusion that reports come back within a matter of hours, but that is not reality.

“Unfortunately, the crime lab is inundated with 159 counties. Once we get what we get, we’ll have all those numbers ready for you and release them as soon as possible. It takes a while for DNA to get back but as far as toxicology and other things that they do – it takes a while to get back because they are so back-logged.

According to the police report obtained by WBHF, a woman stated that she was cooking on a propane tank inside the residence between 10:00 PM and midnight on Saturday, March 29th. She said she called Bartow 911 three times upon finding the children deceased, but was transferred to Cartersville Medical Center for translation, only to be transferred back to Bartow 911, which stated it did not have any record of the calls being placed. On Monday, March 31st, the fire department told WBHF that it is suspected the children died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

WBHF will update this story as more information becomes available.