Two dates serve as reminders for fire safety.  The first date was March 13t, the start of daylight savings time. We use this date to remind people to change the batteries in
smoke alarms as clocks are changed.  The next date is March 20th which is the first day of Spring. Spring reminds us to Spring into fire safety.  Here are some tips that will help keep your family and home safer from fire:

✓ Clear leaves, debris and other yard waste from around the home, garage and storage sheds that accumulated during the fall and winter.
✓ Maintenance of lawn equipment such as mowers, weed trimmers and leaf blowers to get ready for grass cutting season.
✓ Properly store containers of paint, solvents, and fuel in approved containers and away from your home.
✓ Check for frayed or damaged electrical cords and wires, and have them repaired by a qualified professional.
✓ Air conditioning units should be serviced.
✓ Barbeque gas grills, including gas hoses and propane tanks, should be inspected prior to use. Check for bird nests in grills before lighting.
✓ Remove any combustibles from around hot water tanks, clothes dryers, vents, and any heating equipment.
✓ Remove lint buildup from clothes dryers before each use.
✓ Take stacks of newspapers and magazines to recycling
✓ Get rid of oily rags and cloths used to wipe up fuel spills.
✓ Clean up work areas by putting away dangerous tools, matches and other items that should not be accessible to children.
✓ Windows should be checked to make sure they open and close properly in case they are needed as emergency exits.
✓ Review and practice your family’s Fire Escape Plan.
✓ Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries should be checked and replaced if necessary replace any smoke alarms older than 10 years and carbon monoxide detectors older than 7         years.

Press Release

For information about the above or any questions on how to make your home safer from fire contact Cartersville Fire Prevention Division at Cartersville Fire Headquarters 195 Cassville Rd. Cartersville, GA 30120
(770) 387-5635